We are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to access the first ever GlaucomaFest 2020 experience!

Chaired by Prof. Miriam Kolko & Mr. Karl Mercieca, GlaucomaFest was a novel virtual experience that united glaucoma experts across EMEA and put patients at the heart of glaucoma management.

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Check out the GlaucomaFest line-up below, all sessions listed can be accessed in your own time.

  • Anton Hommer - "Walking down the memory lane of Glaucoma management"
  • Francesco Oddone - Let's be honest: are we treating a disease or a patient?
  • David Crabb – Glaucoma like you never saw it …
  • Ike Ahmed – When it's time to drop the drops … an update on Glaucoma surgery
  • Karl Mercieca – The end of the consultation room? Virtual glaucoma clinics
  • Carl Erb -Treating OSD in Glaucoma patients vs treating Glaucoma in OSD patients, are they the same?
  • Stefano Gandolfi - Treating OSD in Glaucoma patients vs treating Glaucoma in OSD patients, are they the same?
  • Miriam Kolko – Putting the me in treatMEnt: Personalised medicine
  • Cosme Lavin-Dapena – Can we compare APPLES with ORANGES? Glaucoma devices under scrutiny

Delivered through a unique and enjoyable virtual setting, the faculty members shed a comprehensive light on glaucoma management excellence and demonstrated how glaucoma management has evolved from yesterday's practice and today's expectations to meet tomorrow's new challenges.

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